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I mentioned buying a tinted moisturizer and nikiya asked is I’d let her know how it holds up to bb cream, so here goes! (Note: my skin type is very oily, so results may differ with different skin types.)

First off, the products I used are Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer (which is kinda pricey, but I bought this when Sephora was having a 20% off sale) and Skinfood Peach Sake BB Cream (which is for oily and sensitive skin types) along with Skinfood’s dark circle concealer cream.  Both products contain SPF 20. (Comparison pic of tube sizes.)

Since I had nowhere to go today I tested out the products by applying tinted moisturizer to half my face and bb cream on the other half. Quick way of comparing the two. xD I was originally going to share pics in natural lighting of when I first put the products on, and an “after” pic from several hours later, but lmao I forgot to take the “after” pic and now its dark out.

When it comes to application (using my fingers), the tinted moisturizer definitely goes on much more smoothly than the bb cream. It goes on as easily as, well, moisturizer lol. The bb cream is a slightly thicker consistency and if I’m not careful with applying it it can look a bit cakey around areas like my nose. (But if you’re better at blending I’m sure this won’t be an issue for some of you.)

As for coverage, the tinted moisturizer is more sheer than the bb cream. I have redness to my skin, and the bb cream definitely covered it better when using a thin layer of either product. Although, the tinted moisturizer has “buildable” coverage, and I’ll be testing that out more. (This is a very new purchase for me, btw, so I haven’t had a chance to use it much.) They both feel lightweight on the skin.

Both have very faint scents. So if you’re sensitive to heavy smells like me, this is a definite plus.

Overall, both products are good. But I think I’ll be using the tinted moisturizer more since its super easy to put on and gives a bit of a dewy finish.

Other information: tinted moisturizers come in a variety of shades, unlike bb creams which typically come in 2 or 3 light shades. 

If I’ve failed to mention anything anyone would like to know, please let me know. :)

  1. sunday4rose said: Did the tinted moisturizer adequately cover the redness (my problem, too) and how is the wear for both of them?
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