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My first box from Julep came! The one that cost me a whopping ONE CENT.  It came with 2 of Julep’s polishes: Meryl, a grey creme; and Oscar, a gold glitter. It also included Julep’s Topcoat for Hair, and a hand cream (with SPF) sample.

I think I might cancel my subscription to Birchbox since I honestly really love nail polish the most. Plus! With the way Julep is set up, I will always get nail polishes that I want! Let me explain how it goes.

When you first sign up for Julep, you take a style quiz to see which of their style packages suits you best. There’s American Beauty, Classic with a Twist, Boho Glam, Bombshell, and It Girl. Each month Julep shows what’s available for each style, and it you don’t want the box that is from your style, you can switch to another! So, like, I got “Classic with a Twist” as my style. Let’s say next month I don’t like the nail polishes included for that style—I can switch to the one I want!

Plus, you can choose to skip months if you don’t want to get anything that month.